XIII ISORA will be held at IMCA.

Instituto de Matemática y Ciencias Afines - IMCA

Calle Los Biólogos 245
Urb. San C├ęsar - Primera Etapa
La Molina, Lima, Peru

Getting to IMCA

By taxi (taken in the street) To take a taxi to IMCA, the main reference is the intersection between Javier Prado and La Molina avenues. Unfortunately, most taxi drivers do not know about IMCA (they could even confuse it with the YMCA - "la guay", which is nowhere near La Molina).

If you must, you could tell the taxi driver to go straight through Javier Prado av., after the intersection of Javier Prado and La Molina avenues (assuming you are going from west to east, which is the case coming from Miraflores), turn left as soon as possible and then turn left again in the first street after leaving Javier Prado avenue. You must be now in Biólogos street, and IMCA is just a block away.

Please be advised that to take a Taxi in Lima, you must negotiate the fare first, and then actually get into the car. Visit this website, for more information about taxis in Lima.

By taxi (taken by smartphone app) We suggest Easy, Beat, Cabify or Taxi Satelital. Expect to pay between S/ 15 to S/ 25 for a trip from Miraflores to La Molina.