Luis Ernesto Flores Luyo

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My research area includes combinatorial optimization and mathematical optimization applied to problems motivated by real applications such as vehicle route problems, electrical dispatch problems, task scheduling problems, etc. I am currently interested in column decomposition and generation algorithms.

FichaCTI Scopus ORCID

Program: Master in Applied Mathematics
Thesis title Relación de inercias entre dos representaciones de subespacios lineales monótonos
Defense date 2015-01-16
Advisor Dr. Eladio Ocaña Anaya
Supervisor 1 Dr. John Cotrina Asto
Supervisor 2 Dr. Orestes Bueno Tangoa
Program: Doctorate in Mathematics
Thesis title Vehicle routing problem for information collection in wireless network
Defense date 2018-02-15
Advisor Dr. Eladio Ocaña Anaya
External advisor Dra. Rosa Maria Videira de Figuereido
Supervisor 1 Dr. Agostinho Miguel Mendes Agra
Supervisor 2 Dr. Fabien Cornillier