Prof. Félix Escalante

Área: Geometry
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He was born in Cajamarca, Peru, on July 1, 1946.

He studied high school at the Colegio Nacional Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, finishing school in 1964 and in March 1965 he entered UNI.

In the words of Professor Félix: "My admission grade did not allow me to choose the most requested career (Electrical Mechanical Engineering) and therefore I decided to study Mathematical Physics, with the intention of moving on to Mechanics." However, he stayed on, and when he was finishing his 3rd year, he was selected to be a paid Practice Assistant. His current Teaching Code at UNI is from that time. He finished his bachelor's and graduate studies in 1970.

In the middle of 1972 he traveled to France with a Scholarship to do the DEA in Mathematics (Diploma of Advanced Studies) at the University of Grenoble. He finished the DEA and in September 1979 he returned to Lima to continue as a contracted professor at UNI. In 1976, the "IV ELAM" (Latin American School of Mathematics) was held in Lima with the presence of renowned mathematicians. It was after this scientific meeting that Prof. Félix decided to continue studying Mathematics.

In 1979, IMPA-BRAZIL accepted his application for a doctorate. From that time, Professor Félix tells us: "... they accept me, there I take a series of courses, including the Qualification Exam. I return in 1982 without finishing the Thesis, and I rejoin as professor of the UNI.” Once at the Faculty, he went through all the Administration positions, including the Deanship of the Faculty of Sciences.

Subsequently, there was a program of visiting professors to give courses and lectures at the Universities of Lima. Program organized by César Camacho, from IMPA. The UNI authorities at that time recognized the value of research and therefore the role of the Faculty of Sciences. The Rector was the Architect Javier Sota Nadal, who was very open to supporting academic activities, this allowed Prof. Felix to organize visits with foreign professors to explain to the Rector the importance of Mathematics in a University like UNI. Thus, during a visit to the Rector, without thinking of requesting anything, the idea of recreating the old IMUNI (UNI Institute of Mathematics) naturally arose. Witnesses of this meeting are: César Camacho, J. Manuel Aroca, Felipe Cano, among others.

Although the creation of IMCA-UNI is the result of several actions that contributed, Prof. Félix Escalante had a decisive role. He did not start as the first director of IMCA because at that time he was Dean of the Faculty of Sciences.

Prof. Félix Escalante was director of the IMCA from 2001 to 2021.