The field of algebra, as a discipline, is characterised by its multiple interrelation with other disciplines of mathematics. It focuses on the following aspects:

  • algebraic structures mathematical objects,
  • systematic calculations and operations of numbers and objects,
  • abstraction of mathematical models,
  • simplification of mathematical methods,
  • axiomatization or generalisation of a mathematical theory.

Currently, there are many areas with the adjective "algebraic"; for example: algebraic analysis, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, algebraic number theory, among others.

At IMCA, we have researchers and graduate students investigating in the following topics:

  • homotopy theory and motives,
  • Algebraic cycles on algebraic surfaces,
  • Hochschild homology and Hopf algebras,
  • Waldhausen categories and K-theory,
  • Algebraic number theory.


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